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Supporting the Children of War

Music always has, and always will, bring people together in their darkest moments, and in our debut post on the news page of our wee corner of the web, we would like to outline our plans to do our bit, and to help you do your bit too. This post is to inform everyone of our commitment to pass on 20% of all sales to the War Child Response to the Conflict in Ukraine Appeal ( which is open also to accept donations, big and small, monthly or a one off. In addition, we are exploring other avenues to use our platform to promote, and arrange, fund raising events to contribute further to the relief efforts of War Child.

Please, give what you can your what truly is a great cause, donate via the link above or make a purchase instore or online with ourselves and we will pass on 20% of that value.

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  1. Excellent idea and very generous, just made an order and will click the link to at least match the donation from the order or set up a regular amount. Good stuff.

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