Before and After Science

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Release Date17/11/2017


The fifth studio album by the British musician, originally released in December 1977. Musicians from the U.K. and Germany collaborated on the album, including Fred Frith of Henry Cow, Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music, Paul Rudolph of Hawkwind, Andy Fraser of Free, Dave Mattacks of Fairport Convention, Jaki Liebezeit of Can, and Dieter Moebius and Roedelius of Cluster. Over one hundred tracks were written with only ten making the album’s final cut. The musical styles of the album range from energetic and jagged to languid and pastoral.

Release Date: 17 Nov 2017

Year of Production: 1977

Format: Vinyl / 12 Album

Track list

1. No One Receiving - Brian Eno (3.52)

2. Backwater - Brian Eno (3.43)

3. Kurt's Rejoinder - Brian Eno (2.55)

4. Energy Fools the Magician - Brian Eno (2.04)

5. King's Lead Hat - Brian Eno (3.56)

6. Here He Comes - Brian Eno (5.38)

7. Julie With... - Brian Eno (6.19)

8. By This River - Brian Eno (3.03)

9. Through Hollow Lands - Brian Eno (3.56)

10. Spider and I - Brian Eno (4.1)


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