Thanks for the Dance

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Release Date22/11/2019


Posthumous album by the acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter. ‘Thanks for the Dance’ is not a commemorative collection of B-sides and outtakes, but an unexpected harvest of new songs, exciting and vital, a continuation of the master’s final work. Seven months after his father passed, Adam Cohen retreated to a converted garage in his backyard down the street from Leonard’s house, to work with his father again, to stay in the company of his voice. From their previous collaboration on ‘You Want It Darker’ there remained bare musical sketches, at times little more than vocals. Leonard had asked his son to bring these works to completion. ‘In composing and arranging the music for his words, we chose his most characteristic musical signatures, in this way keeping him with us,’ said Adam Cohen. ‘What moves me most about the album is the startled response of those who have heard it. ‘Leonard lives’! they say, one after the other.’

Release Date: 22 Nov 2019

Year of Production: 2019

Format: Vinyl / 12 Album

Track list

1. Happens to the Heart - Leonard Cohen

2. Moving On - Leonard Cohen

3. The Night of Santiago - Leonard Cohen

4. Thanks for the Dance - Leonard Cohen

5. It's Torn - Leonard Cohen

6. The Goal - Leonard Cohen

7. Puppets - Leonard Cohen

8. The Hills - Leonard Cohen

9. Listen to the Hummingbird - Leonard Cohen


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