Thug Life – Volume 1


Artist: 2PAC


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The only studio album by the American hip hop group, originally released in 1994. The album was re-recorded many times due to some of the tracks being deemed too controversial to release by the label at the time. It therefore only contains ten tracks, including the singles ‘Pour Out a Little Liquor’ and ‘Cradle to the Grave’.

Release Date: 22 Nov 2019

Year of Production: 1994

Format: Vinyl / 12 Album

Additional Information

Release Date22/11/2019

Track list

1. Bury Me a G - Thug Life & 2Pac

2. Don't Get It Twisted - Thug Life & 2Pac

3. Shit Don't Stop - Thug Life & 2Pac

4. Pour Out a Little Liquor - Thug Life & 2Pac

5. Stay True - Thug Life & 2Pac

6. How Long Will They Mourn Me? - Thug Life & 2Pac

7. Under Pressure - Thug Life & 2Pac

8. Street Fame - Thug Life & 2Pac

9. Cradle to the Grave - Thug Life & 2Pac

10. Str8 Ballin' - Thug Life & 2Pac


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