Young Americans

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Release Date10/02/2017


Ninth studio album by the acclaimed British musician. Originally released in 1975, The album marked a departure from the glam rock style of Bowie’s previous albums, showcasing his interest in soul and R&B music. Initial recording sessions took place in Philadelphia with producer Tony Visconti and a variety of musicians, including guitarist Carlos Alomar, who would become one of Bowie’s most frequent collaborators, and singer Luther Vandross. Bowie drew influence from the sound of ‘local dance halls’, which were blaring with the ‘lush strings, sliding hi-hat whispers, and swanky R&B rhythms of Philadelphia Soul’.

Release Date: 10 Feb 2017

Year of Production: 1999

Format: Vinyl / 12 Album

Track list

1. Young Americans - David Bowie (5.14)

2. Win - David Bowie (4.46)

3. Fascination - David Bowie (5.47)

4. Right - David Bowie (4.18)

5. Somebody Up There Likes Me - David Bowie (6.33)

6. Across the Universe - David Bowie (4.32)

7. Can You Hear Me - David Bowie (5.05)

8. Fame - David Bowie (4.17)


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